Governance Committee Report

The Board of the Disability History Association (DHA) released the DHA Governance Committee Report on the Fall 2023 Discussion Sessions About the Next DHA President and the Future of the DHA. You can read the report in full as a pdf here. You can report the report in full as a word doc here. Thank you to all who participated!

DHA 2023 Annual Report

The Board of The Disability History Association (DHA) is proud to release its 2023 Annual Report. You can access the report in its entirely here: PDF here and the Word Doc here. See our past president’s message below.

Past President’s Message

In the spring of 2022, the Board of Directors started two lists. The first was devoted to naming the people whose creativity and generosity, particularly since 2020, had allowed the DHA to become. The second became a repository of hope, a space to hold the futures we imagined for the DHA. Both documents continue to reside in the DHA’s informal archive.

As mundane tools for remembering, these lists epitomize the ordinary and the uneventful in the life of our organization. But they also represent the work of governance in which the Board of Directors quietly engages: determining a present course of action that mediates between the past and the present, between what the DHA has been and what it might yet become.

This work seems particularly apt now, as 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the DHA’s inaugural board meeting. There is so much to celebrate. The pages that follow — showcasing the extraordinary creativity of our members, interns, committees, and directors — are evidence of that abundance. The DHA, thanks to all of us, is strong.

– Katheen Brian, former Disability History Association President

You can access the report in its entirely here: PDF here and the Word Doc here.