Podcast Episode 20 – Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean

Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy (University of New Brunswick) discusses her new book, Between Fitness and Death: Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean.

Episode Image: Between Fitness and Death, by Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy. The cover features an image of a group of enslaved people, who can only be seen from the waist down. One person has fallen to the ground.

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About Our Guest

Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy is a historian of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World, and Disability History at the University of New Brunswick. Her work has appeared in Slavery & Abolition, Social Identities, and several edited collections. Hunt-Kennedy is the author of Between Fitness and Death: Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean (University of Illinois Press, 2020) which explores the constitutive relationship between disability, anti-black racism, and slavery in the Caribbean from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. She is the primary investigator of The Slave Law Project, an ongoing research project that aims to bring worldwide access to the British Atlantic slave laws from the earliest comprehensive codes of the seventeenth century to the laws that governed emancipation in the nineteenth century. Her second book project examines old age, disability, and capitalism in the world of Atlantic slavery.