2015 Graduate Student Award Winners

We’re delighted to announce three winners this year for the Graduate Student Awards:
Rabia Belt (doctoral candidate, U-Michigan, US), gave a paper entitled, “Ballots for Bullets: Disabled Civil War Veterans and the Right to Vote;” she also presented on a roundtable on the state of the field of disability history at the Organization of American Historians conference in St. Louis, Missouri (US) in April.
Haley Gienow-McConnell (doctoral candidate, York University, Toronto, CA) will present a paper entitled “Representations of Historical Disability on The Waltons, 1936-1945, 1972-1981,” at the “Rethinking Disability on Screen Symposium” in York, UK in May.
Mary Mendoza (doctoral candidate, UC-Davis, US) will be giving a presentation entitled “La Tierra Pica/The Soil Bites: Hazardous Environments and the Degeneration of Bracero Health, 1942-64” at the Society for Disability Studies conference in Atlanta, Georgia (US) this June.
Congratulations to all three fine students. We can look forward to reading more about each awardee’s work and travels in future issues of the DHA Newsletter.