Disability History Association Seeks Members for Several Positions

The Disability History Association (DHA) is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the historical study and teaching of disability across all time periods and contexts. The DHA offers its members a community of active and interesting historians building a vibrant field of study. Members also enjoy access to our resources page, which includes our newsletters, conference information, and sample syllabi.

The Disability History Association seeks members for several different positions:

  1. VP for Communications to serve on the DHA Board
  2. Graduate student representative to serve on the DHA Board
  3. Three H-Disability Advisory Board members

VP for Communications

The VP for Communications (rank of faculty) will oversee the communications strategy and will supervise the communications intern. This person will also be a voting member of the DHA Board. Responsibilities include: serving as a liaison between the Board and the intern, making sure our FB page is updated by the intern, ensuring our FB group grows and is active, ensuring our website is up to date and that the intern uploads syllabi and newsletters as well as posts upcoming conferences and other information.

This position has a three-year term, with an option to extend or renew the term.

Graduate Student Representative

The Graduate Student Representative serves on the Board and participates fully in all meetings, discussions and votes. The Graduate Student Representative serves as the liaison between the DHA Board and its graduate student members, offering a student voice to our direction and goals.

This position has a three-year term, with an option to extend or renew the term.

H-Disability Advisory Board members: three

We are seeking three DHA members to serve as advisory board members for H-Disability, the international history of disability listserv. The Advisory Board members will help the H-Disability editors identify any desirable developments and/or additions in content.  According to H-Net (within which H-Disability functions) other responsibilities for advisory board members may include:

  • Assisting in the peer-reviewing process and the development of multimedia content by assisting editors in making policies for the network.
  • Reviewing disputes brought to their attention by the network or review editors.
  • Serving as “ambassadors” for their network by joining discussions, helping to recruit new editors and board members, developing new threads, and serving as liaisons to professional organizations (between H-Disability and DHA).

For further inquiries into these positions, please email Kathleen Brian, kathleen.brian@wwu.edu.

This position has a two-year term, with an option to extend or renew the term.

To apply, please send a brief letter of approximately 200-400 words explaining your interest and skills for the respective position. Please send an email of interest to:

Sandy Sufian, President, DHA at sufians@uic.edu.