Podcast Episode 27 – Disability, Race, and Incarceration

Micah Khater (Yale University) discusses her dissertation on the history of Black women, escape, and Alabama prisons.

Episode Image: Wetumpka Prison, Alabama, c. 1910s. The image is sepia-toned, and shows an approximately three-story brick building with ornamental wood trim. Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History.

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About Our Guest

Micah Khater is an Arab American Ph.D. Candidate in the Departments of African American Studies and History at Yale University. She is currently completing her dissertation, “‘Unable to Find Any Trace of Her’: Black Women, Genealogies of Escape, and Alabama Prisons, 1920 – 1950,” which is a social and cultural history of Black women’s attempts to run away from police, jails, and prisons. In 2020 – 2021, she is a Center for Engaged Scholarship Fellow. In addition to scholarship, Khater’s poetry and prose has appeared in Sukoon and Taos International Journal of Poetry & Art. For more of her work–creative and academic–please visit her website.